Thursday, January 20, 2005

Its late

It's 1:45 AM and I'm watching the Inaugural on CNN. No comment.

Rehearsal was good today. We got through the bashing scene, which is always such and uplifting scene to reheare (sarcasm.) The guys really dove in and it was powerful, greatly aided by my assistant Kazuki taking them through the fight moves. We also ran the first act for the first time in a few days and we ran the first half of the 2nd act. We're almost there!

I then came home, checked some email, and then decided to get out and see some more of the city. I jumped on the J&R line and went to Shinjuku and just walked around--- forgot my camera---grrr. I plan on going back and I think I found a place to get a gift for my brother in law. Then I cam back to Shibuya and walked around this area some more. There is so much of everything. It's overwhelming and the city seems huge.

I can't believe I only have less than 2 weeks left here. The time has flown!! The quicker the time comes to leave the more I want to spend more time seeing Japan. But again I have 2 day trips planned.

(Cheney is taking his oath.)

Costume fittings today. The guys look great. And they made the shoes for the guys (!!) Not bought, but made. Very cool.

Watching DC covered in snow I must say.... the days here are in the 40s. It can get cold at night--- into the 30s but nothing like you all have going on in the northeast.

OK- I'm fading a bit here. Dinner witht the staff tomorrow.


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