Sunday, January 30, 2005

First Tech

I was going to write more about Kyoto tonight but we had tech today and I'm a bit tired. Suffice to say (for now) that we went to To-ji and Daigo-ji which seemed epic in size and also more rustic than the temples I had seen the day before. Daigo-ji is up in the mountains and the grounds are sprawling and felt practically deserted the day were were there. Weather-wise, it felt like spring. As we climbed and climbed we came across a beautiful path that if you followed for an hour you got to the top of the mountain. Mariko didn't have her hiking shoes. Neither did I actually but I did start the trek on my own, knowing I couldn't do the whole climb because of time constraints and because I felt bad leaving Mariko down at the bottom of the hill--- though she wholeheartedly encouraged me to go up. It was this day that truly convinced me to come back to Japan-- I want to climb that mountain damnit! :-) And I want to explore more of Kyoto and other parts of the "real" Japan. LOL that phrase... Ive heard it several times since Ive been here.....
Then.... a bit more shopping. oy. And then some lovely tea and sweets. We shared carrott cake, apple crisp/pie, and some sundae concoction. All were delicious.
Then we picked up the luggage and hit the train again. Back to tokyo and the hustle and bustle and the lights of Shibuya. It was saturday night so..... It was pretty wild.
I wasnt going to write anything about Kyoto before bed... alas... but more later. this was just the nuts and bolts.

TEch today went really well. Got through the whole show. Chris' lights look as gorgeous as ever.

more later


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