Monday, January 31, 2005

Day of Opening

Well we open tonight. The final dress went very well. For the afternoon dress yesterday there was a ton of press there. So different than in the States and very cool. They shot the show and then did a sort of "press conference" interview session with the cast. I saw a proof of the sourvenir program and it's gorgeous.

Chris went off to see Kabuki this morning and I am going to meet him later and we're going to do some final shopping.

I can't believe I leave tomorrow. I'm looking forward to starting on the Disney project. It will be fun to start a new show. I love R&J and as I watch it I feel a great deal of pride in the show. The show changed my life and has given me unbelieavable opportunities. Sometimes I forget that. On the days when I get frustrated, I forget that.

more later

more pictures are up on my site. The typos of some of the names will be fixed asap :-)


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