Thursday, January 27, 2005

Chris Lee is here! He is the lighting designer for R&J. It is nice to have a familiar face here. He was given a lovely welcome dinner by the staff last night.

The show is going very very well. The runs the last few days have been fantastic. The guys really seem to be embracing the show.

Chris and I tried to do a little sightseeing this morning. I got us lost on the way to the Imperial Palace... BUT.... we got there and just as we stepped onto the grounds, we were stopped and told we had to wait because the Emperor's car was about to drive by. So the car drove by and the window rolled down and the Emperor and Empress waved (!!) Aparently this is very rare-- I mean to see them drive by and wave. Thank god I got us lost !! The grounds were beautiful and I wish we could have spent more time but we were already going to cut it close getting to rehearsal. We ended up being late-- I was mortified but... alas...

A great day all around.


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